Nate Bolga Baby Basket

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The Bolga Moses basket is handwoven from elephant grass and natural materials. Made with love, it makes for a safe and snug way to keep your baby close.
Bolga, short for Bolgatanga is the town in Ghana our beautifully crafted baby baskets are made by local artisans.
Product details
  • Each basket is unique and takes days to weave. As a result, patterns and structure may vary slightly but the quality always remains.
  • An additional benefit to this basket is its multi-functional use as a baby basket, as a storage option or displayed as part of your home décor.
Length: Approx 29" - 31″ / 74cm -79 cm
Width: 15″ - 16" / 38 cm - 41cm
Height: 8″ / 20 cm
Care instructions
Baskets may arrive out of shape. To reshape- gently dampen the basket with water and mould it back into place by hand.
Air dry.
Basket safety guidelines
- This item is suitable for babies from birth until they can sit up unassisted, roll over or push themselves up on their hands and knees.
- Place the basket on firm and flat surfaces.
- Avoid moving the basket whilst your baby is inside.